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 Oliver Hazard Perry and the battle of lake erie

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We Have Met the Enemy

Is the unbelievable yet true story of America’s greatest naval hero - his adventures and challenges led to a climactic battle of men and ships that decided the fate of nations. Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry’s exploits in the battle of Lake Erie are among the greatest feats of personal courage and leadership in history – but his story has never been told on film… 

With years of historical research and business planning, a dedicated group of professionals, The Perry Transmedia Group, LLC (PTG) is poised to immediately create a television documentary based on Oliver Hazard Perry’s thrilling story. In addition, a television mini-series or feature film is planned together with other ancillary media products and a companion book. Award winning Lou Reda Productions is spearheading the documentary's production. http://redafilms.com/productions.html 

While the mini-series will bring to life the personalities, passions, dangers and drama faced by the people caught in the war that forged America and Canada, the documentary will present the more complete history of those times and the people who lived them - indeed the true story of Perry and the Battle of Lake Erie needs no embellishment, for it already transcends fiction.  This true story has so far eluded Hollywood and television yet is an invaluable cultural asset that can entertain and educate audiences for generations.