Oliver Hazard Perry and the battle of lake erie

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O.H. Perry's original Don t Give Up The Ship ensign

US Naval Academy Museum, Annapolis, MD



Few naval battles in American history have left a more enduring impress on our national consciousness than the Battle of Lake Erie, 10 September 1813.  Master Commandant Oliver Hazard Perry's battle flag emblazoned with the message "Don't Give Up The Ship," now enshrined at the U.S. Naval Academy, has become a naval maxim.  His succinct after-action report - "We have met the enemy and they are ours" - constitutes one of the more memorable battle summaries in our national history.  - David Curtis Skaggs (from his book The Battle of Lake Erie And Its Aftermath)

With the Battle of Lake Erie, Dr. Skaggs invites us to, "... examine its consequences ... and to understand how its memory is preserved for generations to come."  

Oliver Hazard Perry lived in a time of terror, oppression and fear but persevered to achieve a victory that determined the course of history.  In our modern era of terror, oppression and fear, the story of this true super-hero, told with the emotional impact of motion pictures, can inspire and help us and future generations to persevere in our own times.

O.H. Perry Statue

Newport, RI