Elizabeth Perry:

Wife, confidant and raison d’etre for Perry

Oliver Hazard Perry:

American naval officer with a tarnished record sent into the wilderness to undertake an impossible mission

James Brooks:

Fallen marine officer with no respect for the service, the cause or himself

Daniel Dobbins:

Local merchant captain – a patriot and opportunist out for profit​​

Hambleton, Charlie, Old Cyrus, Buck Freeman, Peter Navarre, George Hall, Noah Brown, William Bell: the unsung heroes of The Battle of Lake Erie

James Lawrence:

Perry's best friend, whose reckless courage will inspire a nation. 

Henry Procter:

Weak-willed British general who with Barclay and Tecumseh must hold the  British “thin red line

James Barron:

Disgraced US naval captain out for revenge​


Charismatic chieftain compelled to fight in a war his people cannot win​

 Oliver Hazard Perry and the battle of lake erie

​Film Projects


​The Widow Jones:

Barclay’s pretty 16-year-old distraction

Stephen Decatur:

Naval hero and friend of Perry who will risk his life for honor 

​The kidnapping (impressment) of sailors to serve the Royal Navy in its war against Napoleon and support for native tribes against westward expansion led to an American declaration of war on the British Empire in 1812.  As today, it was a time of terror, war, political intrigue and of national and individual honor.  A desperate battle to decide the fate of a continent was fought in which one man's incredible feats bordered on the miraculous.  It was a duel of nations that became a duel of ships, and finally a duel of individuals.  This is the true story of those individuals at the decisive battle of its time – characters and events that still resonate today...​

Henry Clay:  

Sly young congressman and leader of the “War Hawks”

Isaac Chauncey:

Cautious US naval leader and Perry’s boss 

William Henry Harrison: American general and Perry’s army counterpart who must face 
Tecumseh and Proctor

Jesse Duncan Elliott:

Perry’s dubious rival for rank and fame and ally of Barron​

Robert Barclay:

One-armed Scottish naval officer assigned an impossible task at the most remote outpost of the British Empire

Dolley Madison:

The politically astute and influential first lady

​James Madison:

Bookish president of the US who started a war he could not win


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