Oliver Hazard Perry and the battle of lake erie

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Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial

                     Put-In-Bay, Ohio

The Doric column at the Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial is one of the tallest memorials in the world. It reminds us not only of Oliver Hazard Perry and the Battle of Lake Erie but also the two centuries of peace that followed. 

Perry Monument

Erie, Pennslyvania

     Perry Gravesite

Newport, Rhode Island

Memorials have been built, statues erected, books written and anniversaries commemorated, yet the reality is that the Battle of Lake Erie and its impact still fade from modern consciousness.

The most powerful and enduring art form is motion pictures. We envision a modern re-telling of this story to create an emotional and memorable experience for audiences of all ages. Our planned companion books and programs will also offer a comprehensive interpretation that will encourage further education and visitation to the sites of this history.

To best preserve and promote this important subject we will bring back to life, on the screen, the people and events that originally inspired the creation of these memorials and statues. It is hoped that our efforts will provide enlightenment, education and entertainment for generations to come.